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FLAC to MP3 CONVERTER - version
NOTE: This program is not being developed any further.
Use LL2MP3 instead. It has more features.

Converting flac files into mp3 files is easy with this frontend. It has a 'drag-and-drop' feature. It also transfers the tags from flac to mp3. Have a look at the screenshot.

Note that the frontend makes use of three existing codec files. The program needs lame.exe, flac.exe & metaflac.exe to be in the same directory as FL2MP3.exe itself. Download the, unzip in the suggested directory and put the three codecs in there, too.

Help in the context menu explains briefly how to use it. In this menu you can also select the MP3 destination directory and 1 of 5 preset Lame encoding options (128 and 192 kbps, standard, extreme and insane).
I cannot guarantee that the frontend handles all types of flac files without problems - just try and see.

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